You Can Rent the Senator’s Estate in Santa Fe!

Spring Break in the Senator’s Estate!
Elegance and sophistication are what you will find in this fabulous 5,000 square foot property on the prestigious Old Santa Fe Trail.

Built in 1913 by well-known pioneer of New Mexico and US Senator, Bronson Cutting, this home was recently purchased as a second home to share with visitors to Santa Fe who enjoy space, location, privacy, and historical elegance.

Take a tour of the Estate in the photos below….

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Spring Break Like Never Before!

Bring the family to Santa Fe for an unforgettable get-away

Santa Fe is your family’s Spring Break destination! Between March 1st and April 15th, Santa fe is offering great Kids Free deals to help you plan your family’s much-needed vacation, and keeping it affordable!

With food, arts, culture, and other kid-friendly attractions, you’ll remember this get-away with your family for years to come.

Start planning your trip to Santa Fe by visiting to find your perfect vacation rental for the family, and then visit to explore the Kids Free Spring Break specials and plan your vacation’s itinerary.

Have questions about your rentals? Give us a call, or book your stay on our website!

We can’t wait to host you and your family!

855 – I RENT SF (473-8673)

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Feliz Navidad from Adobe Destinations!

From all of us at Adobe Destinations…

We wish you and your family a magical Holiday season filled with love, family, food, fun, and of course…travel!

Feliz Navidad & Prospero Ano Nuevo!

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Need a Brief Getaway?

Enjoy all that Santa Fe has to offer in 72-Hours!

Thinking about planning a girl’s trip for a weekend? A romantic get-away for the two of you, but you only have a couple full days? Why not make the most of your time away by being exposed to culture, history, spas for rejuvenation, shopping and exploring, and so much more, in Santa Fe?

The City Different has it all, and you can get a taste of it in 72-hours….but there is no promise you won’t be back in the near future for a longer visit, because you will love it here!

Adobe Destinations has the perfect vacation rentals for long extended stays, as well as short three night stays. See’s 72-hour itineraries, here, and then give us a call or book your stay on our websiteWe can’t wait to host you for your getaway! 

 855 – I RENT SF (473-8673)

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Tis the Season…for Santa Fe!

It’s no secret…Santa Fe shines during the Holidays

So what are you waiting for? Get out here! 

Rated the #4 Best Smallest City by Conde Nast Travel, Santa Fe has skiing, and comfort food, spas and shopping, museums and the performing arts (music, theatre and dance), history and culture, and actual magic in the air…

If Santa Fe is on your “bucket list”, or it is after you view these photos, then it’s time to give us a call! We will ensure your visit to Santa Fe is every bit as enchanting as it looks in the photos…

855 – I RENT SF (473-8673)

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Always Wanted to Visit Santa Fe?

Fly direct to Santa Fe from Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix!

The City of Enchantment will inspire you and open doors to art and outdoor activities. You will have easy access to some of the best skiing in the Southwest, explore history adobes, encounter Native pueblos, browse world-class galleries, and savor acclaimed restaurants that make Santa Fe a culinary destination.

From Santa Fe, travelers can fly direct to Dallas, Denver and now Phoenix, with connections to thousands of destinations throughout the world. Flights to and from Santa Fe are operated with a CR-700 jet with a 2-class configuration featuring WI-FI. Features include:

  • Convenient parking only feet from the gate
  • New improved Santa Fe Airport facilities
  • No worries about weather and travel challenges
  • New 70 seat aircraft gives you comfortable travel
  • Support the local economy!

[Information via]

Book your flight & your stay, today! 

Book Your Flight:

Choose your Vacation Rental:

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Don’t miss Fiesta de Santa Fe this September!

Come witness theexcitement in the air as the
305th  Fiesta de Santa Fe approaches! 

WHEN:   September 8, 9, 10th, 2017

WHERE:   The Historic Plaza Area in Downtown Santa Fe

Forever steeped in Spanish history and culture, Santa Fe has been celebrating downtown, every autumn for over 300 years. The country’s oldest civic celebration is this annual Fiesta de Santa Fe, that is truly a unique spectacle for any visitor to The City Different!

This week-long festival marks the celebration of the reconquest of Santa Fe by the Spanish in 1692 from the Pueblo Indians. Led by Don Diego de Vargas, the Governor of Santa Fe at the time, the Spanish “peacefully” took back the city after 12 years of exile that started with the Pueblo Revolt.  Every September, cries of “Viva la Fiesta!” and “Que Viva!” ring throughout the streets as we pay homage to our heritage, our history, and our coming together as a community.

The start of Fiestas begins with the Novena Masses of thanksgiving, in which the newly elected Don Diego de Vargas and La Reina de Santa Fe are knighted and coronated.  There is a procession which takes La Conquistadora (a small wooden statue of The Virgin Mary and the first Madonna brought to what is now the US) from the Cathedral Basilica to the Rosario Chapel, at Rosario Cemetery in Santa Fe.  There are 9 Masses throughout the week before La Conquistadora is taken back to the Cathedral to kick off the festivities.  While traditionally we gather to celebrate the Spanish reconquest of the city from the Pueblo Indians, the festival has come to encompass a children’s pet parade, the Hysterical/Historical Parade, mariachi’s and music on the plaza, arts and crafts festivals, the Fiesta Ball and the burning of Zozobra.

What is the burning of Zozobra?

Having a bad year?  Then this may be the perfect time to join our Santa Fe festivities.  On the Friday before Labor Day each September and to kick off 3 days of celebration, there is an incredible burning of a 50 foot marionette puppet named Zozobra at Fort Marcy Park.  While Zozobra literally translates to “anxiety” in Spanish, it is his other name “Old Man Gloom” that describes him best.  Stuffed with bushels of shredded paper, which traditionally included old police reports, paid-off mortgage papers, divorce papers, and slips of paper with tales of woe, this giant puppet literally embodies gloom.  These days people are encouraged to write down exactly what is causing them gloom to leave in the “gloom box” in the weeks leading up to the burn. These worry-filled boxes are then left at the foot of Zozobra to burn alongside him.  It is through this tradition that Santa Feans have been able to shed their worries and troubles of the year past in flames and celebration.

Adobe Destinations has numerous properties for rent in Santa Fe near all the festivities including beautiful homes near the Plaza and Canyon Road, as well as within the foothills near Ft. Marcy where Zozobra is burned.  We encourage all our guests to come experience the charm, colors, traditions and culture that make Fiesta de Santa Fe one of the most unique festivals in the world.


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